Carmen Geiss’ weight loss secret: “I did detox – and no alcohol”

Carmen Geiss (57) is currently proudly presenting her well-trained bikini figure on Instagram. The TV icon lost a total of five kilos – within just a few weeks! However, the jet setter and mother of two does not follow a strict diet in order to stay slim and fit permanently. Her weight loss secret: Six weeks of intermittent fasting and abstinence from alcohol. But as a former “Miss Fitness”, the 57-year-old naturally knows that sport also contributes to rapid weight loss. During her fasting cure, she mainly did light sports, such as hula hoop. And in order to keep her new dream figure in the future, Carmen Geiss has decided to integrate more exercise into her everyday life by walking longer distances in the future. “Yes, I walked a lot, didn’t drink alcohol and I did detox: I just ate little. I planned to do it once a year,” explained Carmen in the interview.

Well-trained legs and a taut stomach: In the video above you can learn more about Carmen Geiss’ great weight loss secret.

Carmen Geiss: “My husband and I have had a lot of bad experiences”

Carmen and Robert Geiss (58) have been sharing their luxurious lifestyle with the public for more than eleven years. In the documentary series “The Geissens – a terribly glamorous family” we accompany the millionaire family through their everyday life in the Principality of Monaco, or in their second home in St. Tropez. In the exclusive “Bunte” interview, Carmen Geiss now talks about the downsides of her wealth: “You have to be a little careful,” reveals the reality icon and speaks openly about her experiences with false friends. Fortunately, her two daughters Shania (18) and Davina (19) have so far been spared such encounters.

Fraud and false friends: In the video below, Carmen Geiss speaks openly about the dark side of wealth.