Carmen Muñoz gives a new life to the talk show – El Sol de México

Problems between neighbors, differences between couples due to the way of educating their children, or the change of role when parents behave like children and they have to assume responsibility for the house, are some of the issues that will be addressed in naked secretsthe new talk show of unicablewhich opens on March 28.

“They are stories of the social environment, which occur in homes,” says Carmen Munozwho will give a more empathic tone to the talk show format.

The driverthe producer Alexis Núñez, and the director of unicableRaquel Rocha, announced the premiere of the program that will be broadcast from Monday to Friday at 7:00 p.m. and, according to the producer, will address issues of common interest.

“We are linked to the studies of the Institute of Social Research and INEGI, on what most worries Mexicans and we went out to look for the people involved. Television will not go out of style as long as it continues to be a window of the reality,” Nunez said.

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Raquel Rocha shared that unicable is in the Top 10 of pay channels and although its audience is women over 45 years old, “we do seek to be irreverent, to use a language that connects with how we are day by day”.