Carmen Villalobos explains why she moved away from the networks

The actress Carmen Villalobos He has earned the affection of his public due to the closeness he has come to have with them, sharing each of his activities, and interacting at every opportunity; that is why in recent days he had worried his fans with the little activity he had shown.

It was last Monday, January 2, when the same Colombian He explained why he moved away from social networks, even mentioned that it’s a record for herWell, if there is something that distinguishes her, it is how active she is in her different accounts.

“It’s a record for me” Carmen Villalobos explains why she moved away from social networks. Photo: capture

Carmen Villalobos is one of the most followed actresses of the momentand it is not for less because the connection that he has created with his followers is something that they recognize and not all artists make an effort to do, in addition to sharing any type of activity that he carries out with them, either personally or socially. professional, always looking for a way to include them.

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That is why, recently it began to worry them after they began to notice that the protagonist of ‘Without breasts, there is no paradise‘, she was not very active in her instagram accountwhere a publication cannot often be missing, at least through their stories, and it was she herself who explained what happened.

“Sorry I didn’t show up before, but I really was super disconnected, resting. I kind of forgot about my cell phone for a moment, you know that I am super active on social networks, I have gone more than eight days without posting a photo, which is, rather, a record for me. But I did want to take the opportunity to rest, to disconnect, to be with the family, to enjoy”, explained the actress.

However, it seems that everything has returned to normal and the actress Carmen Villalobos told her fans how she had a New Year’s Eve celebration, and in these days of 2023.

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“On the 31st I spent all day outside on the street from early to late, and yesterday first, I slept all day. Today (January 2) I am here giving you this little face that is already rested. So I wanted to wish you a spectacular 2023have a super week ”, he highlighted.

“It’s a record for me” Carmen Villalobos explains why she moved away from social networks. Photo: capture

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