Carmen Villalobos gets a new tattoo, closing cycles?

“Gratitude” is the official end-of-year slogan for actress Carmen Villalobos, who has had a year of much learning thanks to everything she has had to experience, from her successful work projects to the changes she has had in her personal life. , specifically with the love breakup he had to face.

It has been several months since the artist announced the end of her marriage with fellow actor Sebastián Caicedo, which was on very good terms as they commented and thanks to that each one has been able to live their process without rancor or anger. Thus, they have shown the world that, just as they were one of the most stable and loving couples in Latin American entertainment, they are also an example of improvement for all their fans.

After this hard moment, both Villalobos and Caicedo have focused on building their own livesespecially the actress, who has dedicated her time to travel, enjoy the sea, her bachelorhood, her freedom and her new stage, full of meetings with friends, changes of looks and a new accessory that she will wear for life on her skin.

The actress showed her more than 21.1 million followers the new word that was tattooed on the right side of her back, “Gratitude”, with which she sends a message to the universe and to her fansWell, that’s how she wants to end her year, thanking her for everything she has shown and taught her with the latest events in her life.

“I present to you my new tattoo 😍 and @billyvirviescas is in charge of doing it 🔥 Billy YOU ARE THE GREATEST! Thank you for your patience, dedication and super energy! I love surrounding myself with people like this 💪🏼! My tattoo says GRATITUDE 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 It is a word that accompanies me from the moment I wake up until I fall asleep! It is a word that identifies me 🤗 I thank you daily and at all times FOR EVERYTHING! Gratitude helps you continue to grow 💫 ”, Villalobos wrote in his post, which already has more than 350 thousand likes.

Carmen not only showed images of the tattoo process and how her tattoo artist dedicated several minutes to drawing the word, but also showed the amazing figure she has and all her overwhelming personality that she always gives to her fansin front of and behind the cameras.

When you are truly grateful, life takes care of giving you more IN ALL ASPECTS ✨✨✨ Me partner in crime @robertvfotografo 😎 Posd: The tattoo looks red because it’s just done 🤗🤗🤗🤗”, added the protagonist of Without breasts, there is paradiseone of the last productions with which he catapulted to fame on Latin television.

Many of his followers were happy with Villalobos’s new tattoo, telling him that it looks great on him and warning him that he might become “addicted to ink”, since it is common that after getting one of these letters, people are craving to paint others. parts of his body with more words or even pictures.

“When I look at it from afar I said “Catalina” it can’t be! 😂😂😂”, “Me thinking what Catilica would say”, “Don’t go making a tremendous tattoo 😂 addicted to ink 😂”, “You look beautiful ❤️”, “Love it !!!” (sic) are some of the messages that can be read in the comments section of the publication.

in said post also highlight the new looks from the woman from Barranquilla, who recently left her light blonde to go copper reddish, a trending color among celebrities, as Carolina Cruz was also seduced by him. Coincidentally, she has also just ended her relationship with her now ex-husband, Lincoln Palomeque, with whom she was for 15 years and had two children, Matías and Salvador.