Carmen Villalobos moves her hips wearing a yellow dress

The beautiful actress Carmen Villalobos managed to capture the eyes of her followers after sharing a flirty video where she is dancing while wearing a striking yellow dress.

That’s right, Carmen Villalobos, the Colombian actressstole the sighs on social networks with his most recent publication on his official Instagram account, where he showed off his statuesque figure and of course left more than one sighing.

In said video, the Barranquilla woman can be seen moving her hips to the rhythm of ‘Provenza’, the most recent single by the paisa singer Karol G, in addition, she wore a tight and small neon yellow dress with which she made her more than 19 sigh millions of fans.

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It should be noted that the actress is one of the most beloved by Colombians, this thanks to her long acting career, her waste of talent and her cheerful personality have stolen the affection of Colombians.

So much so that she has been cataloged as one of the most beautiful Colombians in the entertainment world.

As expected, the comments from his fans in the publication, of course, did not wait.

May music and a good attitude never be lacking in our lives,” the actress wrote in the publication.


Linda”, “what a spectacular woman”, “I always love seeing you with the best attitude”, “pure energy and beautiful”, “I love your photos and videos”, “what a woman, always so beautiful and radiant”, they wrote.

It should be noted that Villalobos debuted on television in the year 1999 at the age of 18 in the children’s television program produced by Caracol Television, Club 10, in said program she played Abi.

Her first important role on television was at the age of 20 in 2003, in the telenovela “Amor a la plancha” where she played Ernestina Pulido, a domestic worker who falls in love with her employer’s ex-partner.

The following year she had a participation in the telenovela “Dora, la celadora”, for which she was nominated for the TVyNovelas Colombia Awards as best new actress.

From then on, notable roles in soap operas such as; The Storm, Amores de mercado, and Nobody is eternal in the world.

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