Carmen Villalobos sends a romantic message to her boyfriend

It was at the beginning of this new year that, Carmen Villalobos was captured very well accompanied by a gentleman, who although his identity was unknown at first, after a few days it was revealed that he was the driver Frederick Oldenburg. A few days later it was the same actress who confessed that she was very much in love with her.

Now, the Colombian has decided to send a message to her boyfriend despite the criticism that have been unleashed due to their relationship, however, she has ignored it and has dedicated herself to enjoying this new stage of her life.

Despite the criticism, Carmen Villalobos sends a message to her boyfriend.

The comparisons between the new partner of Carmen Villalobos, Frederick Oldenburg, and her ex Sebastián Caicedo with whom she had a relationship of more than 13 years, could not be avoided in the social mediaHowever, he has decided to focus only on being happy.

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As recently demonstrated by witnessing a series of photographs that his current partner shared through his official instagram accountwhere he did not hesitate for a second to waste that love he feels for him and give him some emojis that give the impression of a face throwing drool, and a couple more with heart eyes.

In addition, the actress also commented: “You were gorgeous, love! Good always!”thus demonstrating how stable and comfortable she is currently with her partner.

For his part, Frederick Oldenburg did not hesitate to respond to the romantic message that his girlfriend left him, emphasizing that he is also totally infatuated and they are living a totally united and solid love despite the distance that separates them; Let’s remember that she lives in Colombia, while he is in the United States.

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“Carmen, my life thank you!!! TE Echo de menos”he replied.

Although Carmen Villalobos has not yet mentioned anything or released any message regarding their relationship, she is living freely from her courtship.

Despite the criticism, Villalobos sends a message to her boyfriend

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