Carmen Villalobos surprises with her new look: The actress looks irresistible with glasses and with her hair dyed the color that is a trend among celebrities | People | Entertainment

Actress Carmen Villalobos surprised all her followers on Instagram with a new look. The 38-year-old Colombian left behind her dark brown straight hair that she wore a few days ago in the official presentation to the media of the remake “Hasta Que La Plata Nos Separe”, and now she has another hair color with which she was seen dazzling

The interpreter is in full promotion of the soap opera on Canal RCN, which premiered on May 10 on Telemundo screens.

Carmen Villalobos sings as Ángela Aguilar alongside “Titi” and shows off her slender figure in a tight Mexican mariachi outfit in vibrant red

Carmen Villalobos surprises with her new look

During the presentation gala for the media, the artist wore a black dress, high boots and perfect straight hair. But her look was left behind and Villalobos wore her hair with a lighter and more intense tone perfectly reflected with waves, reviewed TiempoX.

The actress shared a series of stories on Instagram that surprised her followers. The one in charge of giving life to Alejandra in the new production written by Lina María Uribe and Andrés Burgos began her day at six in the morning, according to what she told her. In addition, she posted a video dancing to the song “Pa acá” by singer Dego.

Carmen Villalobos published that she first went to look for her dog. Later, when he got home, he posted a new story where he wore large-frame glasses and played with his pets, but the focus was on the Colombian’s new hairstyle, which together with his glasses looked unrecognizable wearing a top and a gray jacket.

“Look, today I decided how…”, she said as she showed off her new look and touched her hair.

The telenovela “Hasta Que La Plata Nos Separe” was produced by RCN Televisión in 2006 and 2007. Its story is about a humble young man, played by Sebastián Martínez, who makes a living selling a little of everything. One day he is driving his car and collides with a luxurious car, in which Alejandra (Carmen Villalobos) is, a fact that changes their lives completely. (AND)

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