Carolina Cruz criticizes the health system in Colombia

Since Carolina Cruz gave birth to her second son, Salvador, her life took a complete turn for the difficult circumstances she has had to face regarding the health of her baby. In addition, she started a personal challenge with which she seeks to help other children.

During an interview on Bravíssimo on the City TV channel, the presenter told what really led her to create the Salvador de Sueños Foundation with which he currently helps early childhood children with neurological problems.

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“After the first surgery that Salvador had, we spent three days in the ICU. The first night there I began to think that I have help, that I have people around me who help me with my children, that I have the best prepaid in Colombia and I have not lacked anything, but in the same way I have this distress level. So, I asked myself: What does a mother do who doesn’t have what I have?” Cruz pointed out.

Carolina Cruz throws a dig at the health system in Colombia

According to Valle del Cauca, it was right at that moment when she felt the need to find a way to help other mothers They were going through the same thing as her. “I kept thinking about how a mother does without help, that she is alone, that she does not have medical attention. The Salvador thing was solved because we acted on time, but it is not the fate of all the children in the country, “said the model.

“It is not possible that Salvador is better served just because he has a spread, that is, my son’s life is not worth more than the life of another child,” said the woman, referring to the health service in Colombia. “It should not be a question of luck, it should be a right.”

He also stated that, in addition to trying to save the lives of many babies, in his Foundation he seeks to provide psychological support to mothers.

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“The most complex thing about the medical situations of these little ones is that their mothers are the ones who carry the weight of absolutely everything. People always ask how the children are, but no one cares about how the mothers are.. The vast majority of these women are breastfeeding, they are depressed, alone, without help and they are the ones who are least cared for, ”she stressed.

Finally, he stated that since he started this project his life is different, and he understood the importance of helping others. “It is the mission we have in life. When one has received so much, we have to give back. If we did not come to this world to serve and give back something of what we have, then we did not understand what we came for”.