Carolina Cruz (Day by day) exalted “pores, pimples and sweat” in a photo “without filters”

Carolina Cruz has shown her spontaneity in ‘Día a día’, such as when she revived in the middle of a conversation on the program what was the business she had with one of her colleagues.

The 43-year-old model and businesswoman, who appeared with a special companion on a Colombian beach, once again highlighted how she takes care of herself to stay in shape.

Now, after a day of physical preparation, he shared a photograph in which he wanted to reveal as many details as possible about his appearance.

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Carolina Cruz exalted “pores, pimples and sweat” in a photo “without filters”

The presenter posted a postcard on her personal Instagram account after a day of athletic training, with which she sought to show herself in her most spontaneous appearance.

“No filters, no ‘make up’ [maquillaje]with light [risas]”, he wrote in the first part of his text, in an image that, according to what he published, was taken at 5 in the morning.

In the middle of that exercise routine that the model has and which she highlighted how she looks after doing it, she added some details to highlight the naturalness of the image.

“Spots, pores, pimples, sweat, red from training, life,” the host of “Day by Day” ended in this text, who wears a sports outfit and some accessories in that publication.

This is the photograph in which the Valle del Cauca woman brought out her appearance at the start of the day, shortly before her appearance on Colombian television.

Instagram @carolinacruzosorio
Instagram @carolinacruzosorio