Carolina Cruz did not forget Lincoln Palomeque’s behavior with her children

Carolina Cruz continues her work at the head of the Salvador de Sueños Foundationwho was born as a result of the illness of his youngest son, who is already in very good health and is even taking his first steps.

During that process there was much speculation if she and Lincoln Palomeque were estranged or divorced.a fact that finally occurred a few months ago, when both decided to publish a text with which they confirmed their separation.

After more than a decade together, Carolina Cruz and Lincoln Palomeque seem to have a cordial relationship, because their children keep them in touch and they highlight, when the occasion calls for it, the positive aspects of the other.

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Carolina Cruz did not forget Lincoln Palomeque’s behavior with her son

Although she has expressed some messages that the followers say are indirect for her ex-husband, the truth is that she once again demonstrated that she has many good things to say about him.

In an interview with Semana, Carolina Cruz recalled that since Salvador was born and months later she was diagnosed with an illnessshe had the support of many people around her life, including her ex-husband.

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Fortunately, I was never alone. Lincoln has always been a very present dad, even if we are not together as a couple“Said the presenter from Valle del Cauca who recently had a nice event for her foundation.

Although he is much more reserved with what he shows on his social networkswhenever he can and is with his children, he has shown that he has a good relationship with them, further proof that he is not an absent father.

In fact, a few weeks ago, Carolina Cruz showed the sadness she felt because she had to separate from her children for the first time in this new normal. who are living as separated parents with Lincoln Palomeque.

Carolina also highlighted that Matías, her eldest son, has been a great strength throughout this process. and he has proven to be a loving child and that it was he who inspired to create a book to “tell the other children the story of two brothers.”

In her talk, Carolina Cruz once again referred to the health system and the reasons why she decided to undertake this project of the Salvador de Sueños Foundation, with which she is helping many families who have children with certain illnesses.