Carolina Cruz is not Holman Fuentes’s girlfriend; she said he is her friend gay

It all started when Cruz hinted in an interview with Eva Rey that she already had a new love and was happyafter the separation from Lincoln Palomeque, with whom he lasted 14 years.

A few days later, the presenter of ‘Día a día’ appeared at a wine tasting event with Holman Fuentes, for which several believed that he would be her boyfriend.

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Later, the caleña made a kind of correction to the promotion of the interview with Rey, and assured that He did not have one love, but two, referring to his children, Matías and Salvador.

She has also been sarcastic on several Instagram stories where mocked publications about his alleged courtship with Fuentes.

Carolina Cruz and Holman Fuentes are not dating

Before being lovingly linked to the pilot, the model spoke in Don Juan magazine about the courtships that have been invented for her and mentioned the businessman.

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assured that he is one of her gay friends, just like Fabio Starita —whom she has called her “eternal boy”— and Diego Pachón, another of the men with whom Cruz constantly hangs out.

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“They gossip to me all the time! With my best friend Fabio Starita we get together all the time; I have been married to him for seven years, and he is my best gay friend. Now they also set me up with Diego Pachón, who is another of my gay friends, if they don’t marry me to Fabio they marry me to him, but now another joined the combo: Holman, another gay friend. It already makes me laugh when they invent a new boyfriend for me ”, stated in the interview.

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In one of her Instagram stories on January 4, the caleña did again mockery of the love relationships that they have invented with Fuentes and Starita and assured that, with them, he has had “very stable” relationshipsas read below:

Instagram: @carolinacruzosorio
Instagram: @carolinacruzosorio

If it is true that Cruz has a new relationship, he has taken it upon himself to keep it private.