Carolina Cruz opened up and revealed how she dealt with controversies in which she starred: “I felt vulnerable”

The netfrom Snail Televisiondrew the attention of hundreds of people with a particular program that he presented, where he mentioned and awarded some of the most outstanding and commented facts of 2022. The entertainment format commented on unusual situations, funny moments and characters that left more than speechless. one.

In this broadcast, the production captured a dialogue that Carlos Vargas had with Carolina Cruz, where they emphasized his career and various events that marked his life. The presenter interviewed the Valle del Cauca, allowing him to open up about a series of controversies that he starred in on social networks.

One of the events that stole the reactions of the curious on digital platforms was the mishap that he went through in Day to dayprecisely when a guest collapsed on the set and had to be attended by the members of the production. Back then, the former beauty queen was stunned and did not react, so she wanted to refer to that, once the member of The net mentioned it to him.

I was in shock, obviously. What happens is that she never fainted, she never lost consciousness. She moved her little hands and her eyes, and I thought: ‘Could it be that what they were doing hurt me? As I see that the friends did not react, Caro runs out of one and the director of the program tells me: ‘Carito, he is not part of the show. Don’t worry, Caro Soto is already going to send commercials,’” she said in a video that the program uploaded to Instagram.

In this space, Carolina Cruz pointed out that in the face of her reaction she was considered “heartless” and assumed that on social networks she would end up as a target of criticism and negative comments. The Colombian pointed out that she knew what was coming and how complicated it would be to deal with the wave of messages.

“After a while we took care of her, people don’t know that and they don’t have to know, but then they hit me very hard and said that there is no more soulless woman in Colombia, more of a witch than me. But hey, I relaxed and I imagined it, because we were finishing an essay on a Halloween theme and I commented to everyone: ‘They’re going to see what’s going to happen now, they’re going to finish me off on social media and I’ll be the talk these days until something different happens in this country’”, he added.

However, in this same meeting, the morning presenter recalled the incident with the book and the knives, which left her at the center of attacks and offenses on scenarios such as Twitter. LThe model also stated that she felt “vulnerable” and it was difficult for her to digest all kinds of taunts that came to her, especially those related to her children, Matías and Salvador.

“I felt vulnerable. I am not a statistic, I am not a number, I am Carolina Cruz with or without social networks, “she expressed from her experience, also pointing out that sometimes she” could not say anything “because she ended up in these statements.

Regarding her reflection, Carolina Cruz indicated that “one is not a gold coin to be liked by everyone”, since there would always be people who would lash out at her and the moments she starred in. In the same way, she was clear that she had a large number of people who supported her and supported her content on digital platforms, for which she felt grateful and loved.

It is important to note that the presenter ranked as one of the most talked about celebrities of the national show business, due to her work projects, the changes she made in her personal life, and the details she gave of this turn that she adopted in her present.