Carolina Cruz opened up and revealed how she would like Lincoln Palomeque’s future partner to be

Carolina Cruz became one of the most recognized presenters of the national show business, due to her extensive career in different projects and television productions. Her participation in various formats of hers helped millions of people to take affection and admiration for her, highlighting her professionalism and her talent before the cameras.

Beyond the labor aspect, the eyes of thousands of his faithful followers settled on the sentimental relationship he had with Lincoln Palomeque, with whom he terminated his relationship at the beginning of 2022. The two took different paths and decided to form a good bond, prioritizing their children and the role of parents they have.

In conversation with Eva Rey, in her project Get naked with Eva Rey, Carolina Cruz decided to open up about her personal life and the future dynamics that will come in her relationship with Lincoln Palomeque. The Día a día presenter was clear that her teamwork is very good, giving importance to the well-being of her little ones.

“He is very aware of the fat ones every day. I have custody, but he sees them when he wants, he can go home when he wants and be with them, it’s a very healthy decision. Because of Lincoln’s work it is impossible, we have taken things very maturely and thinking about the well-being of both, “he said in the dialogue.

However, Eva Rey inquired if at any point the model has felt concern for the partners that her ex may have, mainly for the care and interaction with her two children. “I don’t know if Lincoln is with someone or not, but are you worried about who he might be with and the relationship with your little dwarves, or do you not pay much attention to that?”, asked the Spanish.

Carolina Cruz took advantage and pointed out that she was not concerned if the actor was with someone or not, but that she gave more importance to the type of person he chose in the future to build a sentimental story. The celebrity pointed out that what interested her most is that this woman was “good, honest and respectful” with both children.

“I don’t care who he is with, but I do want that the moment I choose to be with a person, it is someone who can introduce my children, who feels proud to talk about that woman. It is a mutual concern. The concern is that you do get a good person; a good, honest, cool person, that I feel calm about being able to give them to them and that they share and enjoy at that moment”, he stated in the interview.

“I’m not worried that they share with someone, but that they find a good person to share their life with,” he added.

Carolina Cruz and Lincoln Palomeque turn the page and were together at Christmas

The presenter of Snail Television and the actor from Cucuta, however, still maintain a very good relationship after the separation. They were even together this Saturday during the Christmas celebration.

Through Instagram stories, the two celebrities of the national show business showed that they are spending a few days off in Miami (United States) and shared some images of their two children: Matías and Salvador.

Merry Christmas to all! These two little ones will be my gift forever”, was the message that the artist wrote to accompany a photo gallery that he published on that social network, where he received dozens of comments.

Stories Carolina Cruz and Lincoln Palomeque
Stories Carolina Cruz and Lincoln Palomeque – Photo: Instagram: Carolina Cruz/Lincoln Palomeque

For her part, the model dedicated the following words to the two little ones: “This image is the perfect x-ray of my heart, full of GRATITUDE, FAITH, LIFE AND LOVE. My men, I LOVE YOU. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND THANKS FOR SO MUCH LOVE!”.

Although both are in North American territory, Valle del Cauca and Palomeque are each staying in different places. In addition, Cruz traveled to visit his brother, who has lived in that country for years.