Carolina Cruz reveals videos of when her son Salvador was hospitalized and in poor health

Carolina Cruz, one of the main presenters of the television program Day to day, constantly shares the best moments he enjoys with his two children on different social networks. Likewise, she has repeatedly stated that her motherhood is leaving her with multiple lessons.

The Valle del Cauca, in the same way, did not miss Mother’s Day and published this Sunday an extensive reflection to commemorate this special date, which is celebrated in Colombia usually on the second weekend of May.

Through a publication on Instagram, the renowned model also took advantage of the moment to share a series of photographs about one of the hardest moments she has faced in her life. In addition, she dedicated some emotional words to Matías and Salvador.

“I never thought how strong I could be, until these two teachers of life chose me as a mother. Thank you, children, because in addition to being my men, my company, my light and my source of inspiration, you are the best decision I have ever made”initially stated.

Then he added: “Today I applaud, congratulate, hug and fill myself with love, because I never thought I would be the mother that I am. Happy Mother’s Day to all, thank you for making this universe a better place for children. We are and will always be the force that moves the world”.

In the images, which received hundreds of comments in a few minutes, the Caracol Television presenter can be seen taking care of little Salvador in the hospital in the midst of a difficult family moment.

“East post is dedicated to the powerful and strong caring moms, that today they are in a clinic taking care of their children who are going through some health complication. I hug them and they are not alone”he pointed out.

The Valle del Cauca businesswoman finally dedicated an emotional post on Instagram to her mother, whom she described as her best example of life and thanked her for all the support she gives her every day.

On the other hand, Carolina Cruz assured that it was quite heavy last week due to the different work commitments she attended during the launch of her book at FILBo 2022, for which she hardly had time to share with her children.

Although she misses being with minors, the presenter He stated that to achieve dreams you have to work hard. Likewise, he affirmed that the satisfaction of obtaining them is very gratifying.

“Just getting home. These days I have left very early and I have arrived very late, all to achieve my dreams and those of the foundation. No one said it would be easy, but they also didn’t warn me how good the heart and soul feel.” accurate.

It should be remembered that the former beauty queen announced last March that she officially separated from actor Lincoln Palomeque after more than ten years of romantic relationship.

“We have been working in our family for many months to be well. We have made the healthy and powerful decision to end our relationship as a couple, to continue building as parents, friends and life partners.he indicated at the time.