Carolina Cruz said that she is an expert in suspecting things that are later true

Carolina Cruz shared on her social networks this weekend images of how she celebrated Mother’s Day with her sons Matías and Salvador. The presenter of “Day by day” was quite happy with them and assured that being a mother is the greatest blessing that can be had.

The same way, The famous remembered how edifying the last year she has lived around the health of her little Salvador has been and sent a message of inspiration to all mothers “caregivers, powerful, strong, who today are in a clinic or at home taking care of their children who are going through some health and the other little ones who often do not understand what they pass”.

However, in the stories of his Instagram account, Cruz also replied an enigmatic message that surely made his followers think if it was related to a special situation or person.

The presenter shared an image that said: “On my resume I am going to put: Expert in suspecting things that later turn out to be true”. She accompanied the image with a small dimension. “One of my greatest skills”wrote.

Anyway, Cruz left that message on the air and He did not go into detail about what he meant when he said that he is an expert in suspecting things that later become reality. Possibly, many of his followers wondered who or in what situation that publication was inspired.

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Meanwhile, Lincoln Palomeque, Carolina’s ex-partner, dedicated a heartfelt publication to her, congratulating her on Mother’s Day and extolling how phenomenal she is as a mom.

This was the story that Cruz shared this Sunday: