Carolina Cruz shared a tender photo of her baby on social networks, this is what Salvador looks like

Carolina Cruz is one of the most beloved and well-known presenters and models in Colombia. Her long career makes her one of the most influential people and on her social networks she has more than 6 million followers.

In her social networks, the presenter shares moments of her life with her followers and also personal projects. Through this medium, she has shown the process carried out by her youngest son, Salvador, who suffers from a disease called torticollis.

However, after several processes and visits to the doctor, Cruz has said that he is in very good health and that he is getting ahead in the best way. In fact, the presenter shared a touching photo of her son in which a spectacular smile emanates.

In the caption, the presenter wrote “Your wishes are orders”, implying that whatever her son asks for will be given to him by her. In the comments, many viewers have assured that Salvador, the baby’s name, is precious.

It should be noted that thanks to her son, Cruz was inspired to create a foundation that helps mothers and children who go through similar situations. Cruz hopes to provide accompaniment and financial support so that families who lack financial resources can carry out a more comfortable process.

It should be noted that on February 22, the also businesswoman and presenter of Day to day de Caracol, published a sweet video showing that his little one completed the treatment and it is the last day he received the medicines he required for his improvement.

“Today, February 22, 2022, the last day of medicine for Salva and he always took it like that, judiciously, without doing anything. I love you son, you are with your brother my greatest teachers. Thank you GOD, Thank you VIRGENCITA”, is the message that accompanies the video of her little one taking the medications.

The little boy looks very excited when Cruz applauds him for finishing his medications.

The images already have thousands of views and reactions and many applauded Salvador’s calm and joyful attitude while taking the medications they gave him.

“Wuaoo q trial total admiration. My baby has to be held with two people so that she can take the medicine ”,“ As nice as it is to see her happy mother, how intelligent ”, are some messages that the presenter left in her video.

“He has to go”: Carolina Cruz on Lincoln Palomeque

Since 2021, rumors about an alleged separation of Carolina Cruz and Lincoln Palomeque, one of the most beloved couples in Colombian entertainment, have been increasing.

However, on several occasions the presenter has denied this information and has said that the actor has had many projects and that for that reason he has been absent for several months.

Now, in a visit made by the presenter of Day to day to Medellín, he spoke with the presenter and television expert Carlos Ochoa. She commented that the two distribute their time to take care of the children when one of them has a work commitment.

“I divide myself, but I am very organized, so I try to organize my time and I give everything time quality. […] We take turns, of course, when Lincoln is not busy, he is not recording, he is not doing anything, he is not traveling… like me today, he is with them,” Cruz said, referring to the subject.

Likewise, he said that the actor will leave home for a couple of days to promote the release of the film he made with the singer Farina called Flow Streetwhose presentation has taken more than a year.

“I think that in one or two weeks he has to travel and it’s already the release of the film, long awaited by him because he made it exactly a year ago,” he said.