Carolina Cruz shared an emotional moment with her son Salvador

A few weeks ago, the Valle del Cauca, through her Instagram account, a social network in which she has close to seven and a half million followers, revealed that, without a doubt, one of the most difficult stages she has had to face in her life , He lived it about a year ago, when the doctors told him that his youngest son, Salvador, suffered from macrocephaly.

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His little head had grown 7 centimeters. It was too much and the doctor told us that it was not normal, that it grew so much; They did an X-ray to find out what was wrong with her. After that, he tells us that Salvador had a little water in his head, I thought of the worst, but the doctor told us that everything had a solution, “said the presenter in the middle of the interview she did on the program The Informants, of Caracol Television.

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In contrast to the aforementioned, The actress is happier than ever. Well, despite the difficult moments that he lived through, everything seems to be calm and going in the right way.

A few hours ago, the businesswoman also shared through her social networks some videos of the most emotional moments that she experienced in the afternoon of games that she shared with her little Salvador. In these, the loving bond between the presenter and the child is evident.

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“Thank you for these videos… they fill me with joy and strength to carry on with my children”, “No… I want to steal it from Salvador, someone explain to me that flirtatious laugh he has”, “What a beautiful example my Caro, it is of course it doesn’t take much to be happy, greetings from Puerto López” and “God continue to bless you, what a beautiful family”, I have followed some of the comments that the publication has received.