Carolina Cruz stood up to taunts against her and those who believe her heartless

In the same broadcast in which Juan Carlos Giraldo described a famous artist as a slut, ‘La red’ had a broadcast in which he praised some of the outstanding events of the year.

The award in the entertainment program of Caracol Televisión led to an actor leaving the presenter Mary Méndez baffled in that meeting due to a curious response.

Likewise, it was the opportunity for Carolina Cruz to open up in an interview with Carlos Vargas about how she has experienced the controversies for which she has been attacked on social networks.

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Carolina Cruz responded to criticism against her and those who believe her soulless

The presenter of ‘Día a día’ recalled when she used some books as a knife holder, a situation for which she was harshly attacked on her Twitter account, for which she decided to close that space.

“I felt vulnerable,” he said, explaining that he felt that in those taunts they were cruel to his children, while justifying that decision despite the fact that he had more than three million followers. “I am Carolina Cruz with or without social networks,” she added.

“I can’t say anything,” he assured after recalling other comments that have led to accusations against him, which also allowed him to recall the mishap in which he remained motionless after a guest fainted on “Day by day.”

“There is no more heartless woman in Colombia, more of a witch than me,” she said in a joking tone when reliving the questions she experienced, despite the fact that she previously explained why she did not react.

“You are not a gold coin to be liked by everyone,” she reflected on those taunts, although she acknowledged that she also has many people who have supported her on social networks.

This is a video with a fragment of the interview that the Valle del Cauca offered for the entertainment program to respond to the taunts against her.