Carolina Cruz told how her son Salvador’s health is, what did she say?

The presenter and model Carolina Cruz gave a positive assessment of the evolution of her son Salvador’s health after previously not giving good news on the subject to her followers through social networks.

The presenter of Day to day explained the state of health of Salvador, who was born on February 19, 2021. After several medical check-ups, the professionals realized that the little boy’s head is not growing properly and that, on the contrary, the proportions were not correct.

Luckily, the child underwent surgery on time and after three surgeries received the appropriate treatment for his age, so at this time he is more stable and is growing in a much healthier way.

The presenter had also said that Salvador had been born with gestational torticollis, this happens when babies are born with a shorter and narrower neck, so they inevitably have a posture that makes them more uncomfortable. Fortunately, this condition has already been overcome by Carolina Cruz’s little son.

The Valle del Cauca native has shared the evolution of Salvador several times on her official Instagram account, where she says that, although it has not been easy, the doctors have made a great effort and that is why your son has had the current good results.

Heydi Pedraza is the doctor in charge of the therapies for the son of Carolina Cruz and Lincoln Palomeque and has stated that Salvador has received a permanent treatment that has helped him strengthen his muscles through tapes that are placed on his feet and hands.

In addition, Carolina had said that the child needed speech therapy and care to keep your tongue in your mouth. And, although at the beginning it had been an exhausting and worrying process, the results have been very encouraging for Salvador.

The little boy will continue to be evaluated twice a week by speech therapy, since these therapies and constant evaluations have been key for Salvador’s health status to be stable at this time and improving every day.

Carolina Cruz criticized the health system

Due to the promotion of her book ‘The Superpowers of Salvador’, the presenter of Day to day He attended several interviews on television channels, where he spoke about his work and took the opportunity to criticize the Colombian health system in one of the responses.

“It is not possible for my son to be better cared for, just because he has spread. My son’s life is worth no more than another child’s life […] “This is not a matter of luck (health), it should be a right”, Cruz said, referring to the fact that health in Colombia is not equitable for citizens, especially for minors.

There he spoke about the Foundation, how this project began and how the role of the mother is fundamental for the accompaniment of her children who suffer from an illness.

“I started the Foundation six months ago, I began to communicate with the mothers through direct messages on Instagram and one of the medical situations of these little ones is that moms are the ones who carry the weight of absolutely everything. So people tell you how your son is doing, but they never ask how you are, they don’t care about the mother, who is the one who has to be fine, so that these little ones are fine, “said the model Colombian.