Carolina Cruz’s publication raised suspicions about the end of the relationship

Carolina Cruz is one of the Colombian presenters who has given the most talk in the last year. The reason? Her separation from Lincoln Palomeque and the arrival, supposedly, of a new love.

And it is that a few weeks ago, in the middle of a conversation with Eva Rey, he implied that he was meeting a man and that he was happy.

“How long has it been since you made love?” Eva Rey asked Carolina, and she bluntly assured that “it hasn’t been long.” At that time, the Spanish woman asked her another question about whether she was dating someone, and although the businesswoman also wanted to dodge the bullets, the truth is that she finally confirmed that she was happy and dating someone.

For this reason, many took a recent Instagram story published by the presenter with surprise.

It is an image in which the famous Snoopy is, who smiles while choosing (among several options) what his marital status is. And he replies: “What matters is that I am alive.”

In addition to that, Carolina also commented on the story, assuring that he was “divine”, but the most curious thing about the matter is that he accompanied this expression with some emoticons that, for many, implied that he was going through the same loving moment.

And of course, the comments began immediately, many assuring that they felt that the presenter had returned to being single and that this was her way of showing it. Others, on the other hand, affirmed that the model also usually uploads all kinds of images and that many have nothing to do with her.

Carolina Cruz spoke of her “tusa” by Lincoln Palomeque

After their separation, many people have wanted to know more details of the goodbye. And precisely, in that conversation with Eva Rey, she also talked about the actor and how her treatment has been in recent months.

“We have a calm, very respectful relationship, we have handled things really, with a lot of maturity, so at this moment in my life I don’t miss anything, because the way I am I feel very good.”