Carolina Cruz’s pullas in Alejandro Sanz’s ‘show’; Lincoln Palomeque was not saved

Carolina Cruz, who is one of the main presenters of Day to day (Caracol Televisión), surprised all his followers this Thursday and did not hide his happiness for having attended Alejandro Sanz’s concert, who performed at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá.

Through Instagram stories, the Cali model shared the best moments she experienced during the presentation of the Spanish artist. In addition, she showed some parts of the Show that the Iberian rode in the Colombian capital.

“When one sees and listens to this man, perfectly understands the word ‘ARTIST’. His music, his lyrics, his voice and his energy, plus how handsome she is”he initially wrote.

Then, the Valle del Cauca businesswoman added: “Thank you Alejandro Sanz because you have kept true music over time, which is and will always be a balm for our ears. You’re still number one, you’re magic.”

The well-known presenter of Caracol Televisión also took advantage of the European musician’s concert in Bogotá to make fun of her current sentimental situation and throw some hints.

“This is the most stable relationship I have ever had. [risas]. I have loved this man since I was 14 years old and today it is clear to me again why he is the best of all, by far.” Carolina Cruz concluded on Instagram.

It should be remembered that the Valle del Cauca businesswoman announced last March that she officially separated from Lincoln Palomeque after more than ten years of a romantic relationship.

Carolina Cruz Stories
Carolina Cruz Stories – Photo: Instagram: Carolina Cruz
Carolina Cruz Stories
Carolina Cruz Stories – Photo: Instagram: Carolina Cruz

After confirming the news, the model and the actor were together again a few weeks ago during the fifth birthday party of Matías, the couple’s eldest son.

The meeting was recorded at that time by the presenter of Caracol Television on the different social networks. In addition, the company in charge of the organization showed that Cruz and Palomeque shared with all the guests without any problem, they even posed for some family photos.

Despite the differences they currently have, the Cali model recently assured that she continues to work together with the Nortesantanderean to bring her two children forward. Matthias and Salvador.

Carolina Cruz showed a man with whom she traveled during Easter

Carolina Cruz, on the other hand, shared with all her followers that she took advantage of Holy Week to travel to the hot country and disconnect a bit from the city. However, in one of the images that she published during those days, it can be seen that her model was accompanied by a mysterious man.

“He entered the audiovisual laboratory of I know everything a photo of the presenter Carolina Cruz. Many speculate that she would be living her new reality, possibly “in very good company.” indicated the gossip show

Faced with these new rumors, the former beauty queen revealed the identity of the enigmatic subject and assured that the person seen in the photo is Holman Fuentes, one of her best friends.

“Fabio Starita it was time to change you, many years being faithful to you in infidelity. Now the new one is Holman Fuentes. I love them!!”, indicated in the stories of Instagram.

Lastly, he concluded: “Here is the close-up picture for you to take a screenshot and get a closer look at my new ‘love’. I love gossip shows in this country, they’re basic.”

The presenter of Day to day He pointed out that he is aware that it will continue to be a trend in the different social networks, since his estrangement with Lincoln Palomeque has given much to talk about.