Carolina Cruz’s sensual dance in Day by Day

Carolina Cruz and Iván Lalinde shared a video on their Instagram accounts in which they dance to the theme song Is now, by the singers Wisin and Yandel. “This program has done the least expected with me… and she, Carolina Cruz, finishes me off. This is life, full stop”, the presenter wrote in the publication.

The dance of the two presenters has caused hundreds of reactions on social networks, mainly due to the sensual dance of the Caleña with her set partner.

Ha ha ha, I love you Iván Lalinde and I love the cry of Carlos Sanabria, the culprit of this marvelous video, thanks family Day to day for making my days unique”, Carolina Cruz wrote in her publication that has a little more than 59 thousand likes and approximately 1,200 comments on her Instagram account.

Carolina demonstrated in the video all her skills as a dancer with her partner, who had to follow the step in some moments of the song they danced on the set of Day to day in a moment off the air.

Carolina Cruz and Lincoln Palomeque celebrated the 14 months of their son Salvador

Cruz, who recently separated from actor Lincoln Palomeque, posted a message on Instagram to celebrate the months that his son Salvador was serving.

“Happy 14 months! Strong, powerful doll, champion of life and incredible teacher. Thank you for choosing me as your mom and for taking me by the hand along this fantastic path. I love you, beautiful fat man, “wrote the Valle del Cauca model.

The actor Lincoln Palomeque also celebrated this special date and shared a postcard with the minor. In addition, he dedicated some emotional words to him on his personal Instagram account.

“I love you, beautiful son. They explain to me how he points with that fat finger, it melts me “, was the message that the renowned actor put to accompany the image, which received hundreds of comments.

Carolina Cruz shows off her new company after posting a photo on Instagram

Carolina Cruz posted a photo a few days ago on her Instagram account with her son Salvador next to a pool. “And although I miss Mati a lot, this is my new reality and I try to take it with gratitude, patience and understanding.. Days for this fat man by my side, ”wrote the presenter.

The image had more than 157 “likes” and about 1,500 comments, but on the entertainment program I know everything, They went beyond this and gave it a thorough inspection.

“He entered the audiovisual laboratory of I know everything a photo of the presenter Carolina Cruz. Many speculate that she would be living her new reality, possibly ‘in very good company’‘”, indicated the Instagram publication of the Channel One program.

The presenter of I know everything, Ariel ‘el Gordo’ Osorio commented that the reflection seen in Carolina Cruz’s glasses has generated hundreds of comments”, and added, “the truth is that the image is not very clear”.

Elianis Garrido, another of the presenters of the entertainment program came out in defense of Cruz. “You can no longer have a friend”; In addition, she gave another hypothesis about the mysterious man who is seen in the reflection of Carolina Cruz’s glasses: “it may be someone who could have passed in the same hotel.”

Also, the Instagram post of I know everything generated several comments. “Yes it is very visible in the glasses. But what does it matter who you’re with? After all, life goes on with or without him (Lincoln Palomeque)”, “a king who wants to die… Blessed prince who wants to arrive”, “don’t invent, I was at Carolina Soto’s farm with the mother and the mother’s husband”, were some of the messages.