Carolina Soto confirms if she is leaving ‘Día a día’ (from Caracol) in 2023

Among other things, ‘Caro’ Soto’ confirmed in the magazine 15 Minutes that it is not true that his plans include changing jobs in the coming months and leave Caracol Televisión, where he has not resigned.

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“I want to continue working on ‘Día a día’”, he affirmed the television host, literally, in the printed edition 167 of the aforementioned medium, when they asked her what she had requested for 2023.

Snail Television.
Snail Television.

However, Pipe Bueno’s comadre also revealed in her statement that what is true is that The morning show on Caracol TV will not be his only jobSo you have new ideas.

“I already have several entrepreneurial projects to start,” said the woman from Cali, without giving further details, so it is unknown if these plans are related to her facet as “influencer” on social networks or something new in the venture that began more than of five years.

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Carolina Soto’s business, from ‘Day by day’

The Lorna Cepeda’s cousin (‘la Peliteñida’ from ‘Ugly Betty’) He has his own shoe business, as he told Pulzo in a video (minute 1:18) where she answered the most frequently asked questions about her.

“I have a business, my shoe brand, Caro Soto Team. I have a physical store in Cali. We ship throughout the country, we also work through the website, WhatsApp, and what we have the most are references in tennis designs”, explained the presenter, who is not pregnant, in this medium.