Caroline Ithurbide married: the TV host married Polo Anid, images of the ceremony revealed

Caroline Ithurbide is married! The TV host said “Yes” to Polo Anid, on June 11, in the company of her relatives, including columnist Yoann Latouche, who recently unveiled photos and videos of this union celebrated in complete privacy.

Caroline Ithurbide, a happy, loving, married woman. On June 11, the TV host said “Yes” at Polo Anid, at the town hall of the XVIᵉ arrondissement of Paris. It was the columnist for the William à midi show, Yoann Latouche, who posted in his Instagram Storyvarious photos and videos of her friend’s wedding. In the snaps, the pretty bride is wearing a white tutu-like skirt and a sequined shirt with sequins.

The TV presenter was accompanied by her two children, Gaspard Ruben and Ambre Lilah, fruits of her relationship with Boris Ehrgott. Several personalities attended this ceremony, including Ludivine Rétory and Laurie Cholewa. In the photos available on Instagram, Caroline Ithurbide and her husband were applauded by their relatives as they left the town hall. At 42, the former columnist of Do not touch My TV taste happiness againa year after divorcing Boris Ehrgott, with whom she spent ten years of her life.

Caroline Ithurbide more in love than ever

Her breakup with her ex-husband, Caroline Ithurbide took it very badly. In the columns of Audienceon June 28, 2021, the host confided in their painful separation. “The breakup is the worst ordeal I’ve had to go through. Yet, we are on very good terms, but it’s a shake-up. I chained coaches, shrinks, clairvoyants… I was lost. It was a questioning day and night, to sometimes regret the separation. I was between pain, lack, guilt… A complicated emotional cocktail! But my gut told me that we had made the appropriate decision. And the hard times are initiatory. Good comes out of it!”, she said. And the TV host did not believe so well to say … A few months after her separation, the columnist of William Leymergie goes to a party, to clear her mind. And it is at this same evening that she will come face to face with the one who is now her husband, Polo Anid.

The comedian, who recently starred in Black Box alongside Pierre Niney, but also in Scenes of households, gave meaning to the gloomy life of Caroline Ithurbide. Very fusional, the journalist and her husband did not hesitate to go up on the stage of their own wedding, to entertain their guests. On the menu: a cover of I will go where you will go of Celine Dion, but also of the legendary You will forget me by Larusso, with Polo Anid on guitar and Caroline Ithurbide on microphone… A rock ‘n’ roll couple!