Caroline Margeridon atomizes Pierre-Jean Chalençon, ouch it stings

Pierre-Jean Chalençon cannot believe it. Regina is no longer there. As he saluted his memory, someone is going to demolish his memories!

Does Pierre-Jean Chalençon embellish the truth?

Regardless of her specialty, those who make up the media landscape have seen Régine. His omnipresence in the world of night and party will be greatly missed. As for the song lyrics, Objeko really cross your fingers so that the youngest rediscover them with mischief. Apart from the translation ofand I will survive which has often been teased by purists, the lyrics were mostly written by poets. We think in particular of Serge Gainsbourg or Charles Aznavour. Just that ! In recent hours, Caroline Margeridon will throw a stone into the pond. While his ex-colleague Pierre-Jean Chalençon thought he was in ” the little papers of this night owl, she will demonstrate the opposite. Ouch… knowing that the person concerned is no longer there to testify, who will have the final say?

A shower of tributes

First of all, let’s start with Pierre Palmade’s speech. The one who agreed to put on the astronaut costume in Mask Singer has stars in his eyes when he thinks of her. Despite all the disastrous confidences of the comedian, she loved him unconditionally. Besides, it was the only one who never judged him. On the other hand, the fact that she frequents beautiful people amused her a lot. Always there in the event of a hard blow, she had no equal in detecting danger and the toxins that go with it. He too hopes with all his heart that the younger generations will read his memoirs or get to know his unique timbre of voice.

On the side of the owner of the Palais Vivienne, we decide to make a video to salute the memory of Régine. Very quickly, he gives us this information which cannot leave anyone indifferent. ” We were a crazy couple for three years. She was an amazing woman, and I will miss her very much.“. The one he calls his ” little chip “, he tells us that he will love her until his last breath. So nothing abnormal except that the history buff and especially Napoleon is still unaware that his former acolyte ofDeal done will tear these pretty words to pieces. Is it revenge for what he has done to him since his dismissal from France 2?

Pierre-Jean Chalençon banned?

Since this famous selfie with Dieudonné or the father of Marine Le Pen, the viewers and the management of the channel are hallucinating. However, before deciding to part with it, Sophie Davant had warned him against his excesses. Obviously, he has learned nothing from this experience and continues to do as he pleases. Lying about his clandestine dinners is one thing. By cons, include dead, it’s not very smart on his part.

The mother of Victoire and Alexandre does not go there by four paths. First, she mourns the disappearance of the one who was everything to her. Then, she specifies that Régine no longer wanted Pierre-Jean Chalençon in her line of sight. Worse still, with the help of her legendary outspokenness, she would have atomized the former colleague of Julien Cohen on numerous occasions. How is it that the person concerned does not even allude to it? So why talk about this incredible relationship on the Web if the reality is the opposite? Isn’t there a happy medium between these two versions?

The truth finally comes out

Caroline Margerion grabs the pole thrown by Jean-Marc Morandini to kick into touch. She can no longer count the number of times Régine would have called Pierre-Jean Chalençon all the names of birds. ” VSec*nn*rd, stop hanging out with him (…) he’s an opportunist”. Macknowledging that on the account of protection, the most famous specialist on the Boiron market continues its momentum. ” Besides, it’s a little wink to all [ceux] who [devraient stopper] to say that they know her. I do not support ! (…)” Let things be clear for Queen of the Night fans. “Pierre-Jean Chalençon was not his friend! She didn’t want to date him [et] not see it. » Very quickly, she sweeps away all her toxic personalities and other freeloaders. Whether famous or anonymous, “we don’t need to talk about these people“.