Caroline of Monaco, at the SPA to recover her dog

Strange place for a Princess. Caroline of Monaco was worried to have seen her dog disappear for several days. Fortunately, the story ended well and the royal canine was found safe and sound

These are some very stressful hours that must have been lived carolinathe prince’s older sister Albert II of Monaco, when she realized that her dog was missing. More fear than harm since the animal was eventually found.

The dog found at the SPA

Her Royal Highness The Princess of Hanover, 65, had embarked on an active search for her faithful companion before relief comes to hima SPA refuge located in Salon-de-Provenceas evidenced by the publication shared this Monday, April 25 on their Facebook account.

This morning, we had a nice surprise as well as the pleasure and honor of welcoming a world-famous personality from Saint-Rémy de Provence to pick up his escaped dog that entered our pound.“, informed the president of the SPA.

Caroline from Monaco, relieved, smiling and very grateful to the SPA

It is therefore with joy and relief that Caroline of Monaco has found his four-legged friend. Very grateful to the whole team, the mother of Charlotte of Casiraghi did not hesitate to pose next to Philippe Gautier, the director of the PSA refuge-pound in Salon and its Region.

Dressed in sportswear with a blue jean jacketthe daughter of Grace Kelly had understood that it was not a question of shining in gala attire, but of recovering her favorite hairball.

Caroline of Monaco has been a great success with the members of the association. “The princess is a simple, charming, perfectly exquisite person and particularly involved in the animal cause.“, greeted Philippe Adam, president of the SPA on the Facebook account.