Caroline Roux: Did you know? Her husband is close to a President of the Republic

The presenter of “C dans l’air”, Caroline Roux, is happy in love. For fifteen years, she shares the life of Laurent Solly. The latter is close to Nicolas Sarkozy. So much so that in 2007, he was even the deputy director of his presidential campaign.

She celebrated her 50th birthday on May 14 and Caroline Roux continues to have a busy career with her job as a journalist for C in the air. And his family life is just as important. In a relationship for many years with Laurent Sollyshe has two children with him. She is also the mother-in-law of her husband’s two daughters, who lost his wife in 2007. A graduate of ENA, Laurent Solly became head of Facebook France in 2013. Prior to this position, he was chief of staff of the prefect of Lot-et-Garonne between 1996 and 1998, and joined Nicolas Sarkozy’s cabinet in 2004, when he was interior minister. Close to the former President of the Republic, he was even deputy director of his presidential campaign in 2007. He then became general manager of TF1, before taking up his post at Facebook. Of her husband, Caroline Roux said to the Figaro : “He has a look that elevates me, I have a lot of admiration for him, his judgment, his knowledge of history and political life. »

Caroline Roux, her secrets to staying in shape

At just 50 years old, Caroline Roux confided in the daily The Team in April on the benefits that sport brings to him in his everyday lifebut also in her career, she who has a steady pace of life. “Apart from skiing, I practice everything that is necessary to avoid back pain, such as yoga, stretching”she explained, adding that it works since she no longer has pain everywhere.

Finding a balance between work and family life

If she has an intense work rhythm, so does her husband. So Caroline Roux makes it a point of honor to ask their children if she gives them enough time. “Very regularly, I ask them if I’m okay, if they’re not tired of me, if they see me enough, in short, if everything is fine. I do it sincerely”, she explained to us in March. She even added: “What is certain is that I am much more flexible and more joyful in life than the image I may have on the air. »

Article written in collaboration with 6Médias