Caroline talks about her nightmarish breakup with her ex, “absolute hell”

This Wednesday, March 23, 2022, Caroline, candidate for this new season of Married at first sight gave an interview to Tele-Leisure. In it, the young woman returned to the many reviews she has read on social networks. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

Caroline’s Incredible Demands

A few days ago, M6 unveiled the sixth season of Married at first sight. Like every year, the production was able to unearth strong personalities. And among the new candidates, one of them was particularly talked about. This is Caroline. Indeed, the young woman made everyone hallucinate by listing the requirements she had. And there is no question for her of making concessions: “ Leaving my little village, it’s really impossible, no way“.

And his village is perhaps the most affordable criterion in his list. Indeed, Caroline would also like her companion to accept his…18 dogs and to be vegan:“I have a boring vegan eco-label of course, but it is essential for me that my future spouse has the same vegan diet, or understands it”. Obviously, the profile of the young woman has generated many comments on social networks.

Internet users have no mercy for the candidate of Married at first sight

As we told you previously, following the dissemination of his portrait, Internet users reacted directly. And the least we can say is that he does not spare him much. Thus, one could read comments like: “ It’s not true Peskel, you found someone who agrees to be the step-dad of my 18 dogs, vegan, eco-friendly and live with me and my mother? » Don’t worry Caroline, we can’t believe it either’ or ” Caroline she should have made love is in the meadow, no”.

And indeed, the show team found a man who was 80% compatible with Caroline’s profile. A little surprise as it is difficult. The man in question is named Axel and is 30 years old. In his life, he is a project manager and site pilot. The young man who sports a long red beard announced to his mother and his stepfather that he was going to marry two months later with a stranger, as the principle of the show requires.

Caroline took the criticism very well

Following the many criticisms, Télé Loisirs decided to interview Caroline. And the least we can say is that she had no trouble with that. Indeed, the young woman knew that she was going to take it to the head: “I lived these criticisms very well, I suspected that they were going to emerge. These are things I hear in real life. I think that some people have a hard time with this media exposure because they hear things that they have never been told, I have often been told that I was impossible to settle down, that I am much too demanding… These are things that I am used to hearing”. That is what is said.