Carsten Maschmeyer: Intimate insight: He grew up so modestly

Entrepreneur Carsten Maschmeyer (63) is known as an absolute professional when it comes to investments and start-ups. However, the “Lion’s Den” investor does not only seem to have hit the jackpot professionally – because the 63-year-old has also been doing well privately for years. Alongside his wife and actress Veronica Ferres (57), Maschmeyer regularly makes eye-catching appearances at public events.

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Even if he now leads a life that many people are sure to envy, Carsten Maschmeyer once had to start small. Just recently, the entrepreneur spoke in an interview about his school days, which were not always easy, and revealed that he and his friends often had to take a beating. Now Maschmeyer again gave intimate insights into his childhood!

Carsten Maschmeyer: He once lived so modestly with his mother

During a recent visit to his former school in Hildesheim, Carsten remembered his early years. He revealed to the “Bild” newspaper: “For the first two years I lived in a mother-child home, then I moved with my mother to a one-room apartment in a converted barracks.” Unimaginable today! When it came to his pocket money, Maschmeyer lived more than modestly as a child.

Carsten Maschmeyer: At that time he spent his lunch money on records

Nevertheless, the “Lion’s Cave” investor admitted to “Bild”: “I used to spend the money my mother gave me for food stamps on records.” Pretty sassy! Even in the classroom, today’s entrepreneur is said not always to have been obedient. He remembered an incident in the classroom on May 2nd: “Here I had to laugh so much that the teacher sent me out.”