Cash for rares: completely misjudged! Waldi suffers a glaring loss

“Bares for Rares”: Completely misjudged – Waldi suffers a bitter loss

05/16/2022 at 07:48

Cash for Rares: These are the dealers

Cash for Rares: These are the dealers

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Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. One who in this case was probably one of the losers is “Cash for Rares“-dealer Walter ‘Waldi’ Lehnertz. But let’s start from the beginning.

As is well known, this shows ZDF no new episodes of his junk show on Sundays”Cash for Rares‘, but instead cuts together the best sales from the shows and then calls it ‘Cash for Rares – favorite pieces”.

“Bares for Rares”: Dealer Waldi misjudges completely

Unfortunately, two of these favorite pieces were completely underestimated by the dealers on the show. Above all by Waldi. And that should cost the dealer from the Eifel dearly. Anna and Marco Hahn came to “Bares for Rares” from Bingen am Rhein. The two had so-called drive models with them. So small toys that can move.


That is “Cash for Rares“-Dealer Walter Lehnertz:

  • The antique dealer is a trained horse keeper
  • His shop “Waldi’s Eifel Antik” is located in the district of Euskirchen – the address is: Ahrstraße 2, 53925 Kall
  • Since 2013, Walter Lehnertz has been an integral part of the ZDF flea show “Bares for Rares”


Particularly exciting: one of the two tin toys represented the comedian Charly Chaplin, the other a worker. Marco got the models from his boss. Did he know what he had given away? “Bares for Rares” expert Sven Deutschmanek estimated the toys at an impressive 1,000 euros.

“Bares for Rares”: Waldi only wants to pay 70 for a 1,000 euro toy

But would the dealers recognize the value of the rarity? So not Waldi. “They are usually traded at 70, the parts, but I give 80,” the cult dealer began very coolly. Ouch, Waldi. But that was way off the mark. And so it was not surprising that the toys did not end up in the shop in the Eifel.

A bitter loss, after all they are extremely rare and valuable. But the other dealers probably didn’t know what they were looking at either. The bids stopped at 550 euros. Only when Marco Hahn mentioned the expertise did the dealers stretch out a bit. SO David Suppes finally paid 670 euros.


More about “Bares for Rares”:


And expert Sven Deutschmanek? He seemed slightly piqued. “I don’t think the dealers knew that there were such high-quality drive models,” said the ZDF expert.

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