Cash for Rares: Luxury Watch Makes Dealers Go Crazy – “To the Bank”

“Bares for Rares”: “To the bank” – at THIS clock not only the dealers were arguing

May 13, 2022 at 2:08 p.m

Cash for Rares: These are the dealers

Cash for Rares: These are the dealers

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Wow, this watch not only left the heart of “Cash for Rares“-Moderator Horst Lichter beat faster. High school teacher Jürgen Eyding had a timepiece from the luxury brand “Patek Philippe” with him on Friday.

The 84-year-old once got the golden wristwatch from his grandmother. But now he wants to buy an electric car. And that’s why the “Patek Philippe” should at “Cash for Rares“ find a new owner.

“Bares for Rares”: luxury watch turns everyone’s head

That shouldn’t be a big problem considering the quality of the timepiece. The watch with the model name “Calatrava 1509” was made of 18-carat gold. It dates from 1946, explained “Cash for Rares“-Expert Heide Rezepa-Zabel.

It is therefore understandable that the “Calatrava”, which was also in good condition, had its price: the around 76-year-old watch was supposed to cost 7,500 to 9,000 euros. A price that not only the dealers would like to strike.


This is the show “Cash for Rares“:

  • “Bares for Rares” has been running on ZDF since 2013 and is also available in the media library
  • The moderator is Horst Lichter
  • There is a fixed pool of traders and experts
  • Contestants can sell their rarities on the show
  • Registration is online
  • Fake allegations have been raised again and again. They could always be refuted


Horst Lichter and “Bares for Rares” expert Heide Rezepa-Zabel were also interested in the noble wristwatch. Heide even put on the “Patek Philippe” again after salesman Jürgen Eyding had left for the dealer room.

“Bares for Rares”: The rules are strict

But the “Bares for Rares” rules are strict. Only dealers are allowed to purchase antiques and rarities. Lucky for Susanne Steiger, Wolfgang Pauritsch, Julian Schmitz-Avila and Co.

Because they were extremely keen on the clock and also knew exactly what they had in front of them. “I’d say go to the bench,” joked Pauritsch. And that’s how it should be. In the end, Susanne paid a handsome 8,000 euros. But then she really had to go to the bank – the retailer from the Rhineland paid 3,000 euros in cash and asked to be allowed to transfer the rest.


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It was also at one o’clock last time for Wolfgang Pauritsch. He received a call shortly after the purchase.