Cash for Rares: New Trader! ZDF viewers are delighted

“Bares for Rares”: New retailer delighted ZDF viewers – “Then I have to apply”

07/01/2022 at 10:26 p.m

Cash for Rares: These are the dealers

Cash for Rares: These are the dealers

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well? Who is this? On Friday (July 1st) a new face suddenly appears at “Cash for Rares” on.

The new “Cash for Rares“-dealer was of course immediately scrutinized by the ZDF viewers. Your reactions speak volumes.

“Bares for Rares” catches a new dealer – who is not a dealer at all

Full of anticipation for the upcoming show, Horst Lichter welcomes his TV audience: “We here at ‘Bares für Rares’ love old things that have a lot of history under their belt, but sometimes we also like brand new things!” Then the camera pans up a young blonde.

It’s Sarah Schreiber, the new face in the dealer room! The 34-year-old is not a real trader at all. Because: Away from the ZDF cameras, the native of Freiburg works as an auctioneer.

It was only at the end of last year that Sarah became self-employed with her “Auktionshaus Schreiber”. Her focus is on oriental carpets, paintings, silver and porcelain. And where could she make better offers than with “Bares for Rares”?


These are the experts at “Bares for Rares”:

  • Albert Maier (art and antiques dealer)
  • dr Heide Rezepa-Zabel (art historian)
  • Detlev Kümmel (gallerist)
  • Wendela Horz (goldsmith)
  • Sven Deutschmanek (art and antique dealer)
  • dr Bianca Berding (art historian)
  • Colmar Schulte-Goltz (art historian and gallery owner)
  • dr Friederike Werner (art historian and Egyptologist)


“Bares for Rares” viewers are enthusiastic: “Beauty!”

The viewers of the ZDF show seem to welcome Sarah Schreiber with open arms. Under an introductory video on Facebook, they really go into raptures:

  • “Interesting woman with a lot of knowledge.”
  • “Toi, toi, toi beauty!”
  • “Then I have to apply! Have several oriental rarities.”

+++ “Bares for Rares” newcomer Sarah Schreiber surprises with THIS detail +++

And an attentive user even recognizes Sarah! “She looks familiar to me, she was also seen in ‘Kitsch oder Kasse’,” he notes. In fact, her job on “Bares for Rares” isn’t her first TV appearance. The auctioneer appeared as an expert on the RTL show in July 2021.


More about “Bares for Rares”:


Sometimes even the experts at “Bares for Rares” start to ponder. THIS painting makes Albert Maier suspicious.