Casio responds to Gerard Piqué about collaboration after Shakira’s song – El Sol de México

The brand Casio continues to be a theme between the separation of Shakira and Gerard Piquéafter the former mentioned it in her last song with bizarre and that the second one subsequently announced a collaboration with them.

However, the producer clocks Y calculators mainly, it has not been left out of the controversy and for the second time responded to statementsthis time to the ex-soccer player.

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Piqué announced that Casio He had reached an agreement with the Kings League, of which he is president, one day after Shakira’s theme where mention of the brand was released.

“I’m worth two out of 22. You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded a Rolex for a Casio.”

Now, the big one of the watches came out to deny what was said by the former member of Barcelona in a peculiar way and referring to the couple on his Instagram account.

“There is a Casio for everyone, whether you are a king, a wolf or Pikachu himself”they wrote in Gif.

With this they denied the possible collaboration with Piquewho was accused of mocking Shakira by showing in his hand one of the brand watches and say that they would work together, but they stressed that their interventions are not with the intention of attacking anyone.

“As we are not official sponsors of any side, we are committed to a space of respect and harmony.”

“If we have learned anything these days by reading your comments, it is that Casio is a beloved brand throughout the world and throughout the world,” they wrote.


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