Catherine Frot in love: her couple revealed in difficult circumstances

2nd of July, Catherine Frot lost his father, died at 90 years old. The star shared a written obituary with his family in the pages of the newspaper Le Figaro. In this short text, we discover that she is no longer alone in life. Indeed, she has found love again.

Catherine Frot, her daughter, and her companion Gilles Chiriaux (…) have the sadness to inform you of the death of Jacques Frot, engineer and Arts et Métiers 1952, member of the Hermione-Lafayette Foundation, member of the AEPN (The Association of Ecologists for Nuclear), passed away on July 2, 2022, in his 90th year“, could we read on the obituary. It is therefore in particularly painful circumstances that we learn that the actress ofA family resemblance found love again. But Catherine Frot has never mentioned her new and discreet companion, of whom we don’t really know much… Everything leads us to believe, however, that he is the chef-restaurateur of theIntermission, in Montmartre. Both had been seen in 2019, during the inauguration evening of the wax statue of Pierre Richard at the Grévin Museum…

Previously, Catherine Frot has long shared her life with her husband Michel Couvelard. But the couple, who adopted a little girl named Suzanne, unfortunately divorced in 2013. Since then, it is solo that we could see her on the red carpet or at social evenings of show business.

Interviewed by the newspaper The Parisian in 2019, the doubly Caesarized actress took stock of her life, saying she was fully satisfied with where she was then. “When you’re filming, your private life is a bit difficult… In the end, I think I’ve more or less succeeded in reconciling my profession and my life. Especially because I never wanted to shoot abroad to always stay close to my family. I had a few occasions, in Japan for example, but I preferred to concentrate around my home“, she confided. Today, Catherine Frot seems to have found a perfect balance between her professional and personal life!