Catherine Laborde sick: An adorable photo posted by her sister Françoise for her 71st birthday!

Catherine Laborde celebrated her 71st birthday on Sunday May 8. This emblematic figure of TF1 who is currently suffering from the Levy body disease against which she has been fighting for a long time. In any case, well surrounded by her family, as her sister Françoise attested during a recent interview, she is holding up and even seems to be getting better every day. We must believe that the presence of her children by her side in these difficult times is not too much for her. His grandchildren who are also present to bring him joy and comfort.

Catherine Laborde happy with her family

This is how, on the occasion of her 71st birthday, Catherine Laborde was able to count on her sister Françoise to send her her best wishes. An adorable publication that had not failed to react on Instagram. Internet users had also wanted to wish him the best for the future in addition to saying happy birthday to him. Many were those who found that she did not lack courage in the way she managed her illness. Like what, after several years spent on TF1, she is still so dear to her fans. A situation that can only warm the heart.

It is clear that Catherine Laborde’s fans have not forgotten her and still love her so much. Her loved ones are also by her side to face with her this disease against which she has been fighting for a long time. Unprecedented solidarity to be absolutely taken as an example.