Catherine Laborde: what is her relationship with her sister Françoise?

Sunday May 8, Catherine Laborde celebrates her 71st birthday. Will she celebrate this year again alongside her sister, Françoise Laborde?

Checkered relationships. Catherine Laborde blows out her 71st candle this Sunday, May 8. If her husband Thomas Stern, as well as her daughters Gabrielle and Pia, will probably be present to celebrate the birthday of the one who made the rain and the good weather on TF1, what about her 69-year-old sister, Françoise Laborde ? For years, the sisters didn’t speak to each other because of a… book.

Indeed, their conflictual relationship has its origin in the release of the book It gets better by saying it, in 2008. This is a punchy book in which Françoise Laborde opens up without filter on those close to her, not hesitating to reveal secrets thus creating discord. Shocked, her older sister preferred to cut ties. This decision did not prevent the two sisters from swinging spades through the media or on social networks. But in 2017, their relationship died down…

Catherine and Françoise Laborde reunited
© RACHID BELLAK / BESTIMAGECatherine and Françoise Laborde reunited

Catherine Laborde reconciled with her sister?

In 2017, after 28 years on television, Catherine Laborde ended her career. The reason ? In his testimony for seven to eight, the presenter reveals to suffer from Parkinson’s disease. Diagnosed four years earlier, Catherine Laborde recounted the disease in her book To shiver. This shock announcement had an impact on Françoise Laborde. The latter supported him publicly on Twitter: “Catherine, courageous and determined in the face of the disease. She maintains optimism and humor. Her book ‘Trembler’ is a must-read. Strength and tenderness are more than ever necessary to her. Catherine Laborde. Above all, I love you.

In 2018, Gala spoke with Catherine Laborde to find out: where is their brotherly relationship? The TV host said: My sister reconciled with me thanks to illness. Until then, she was angry but she is not anymore. She says herself that she is very scared because mom died of Alzheimer’s so with this disease that I have and which looks like Alzheimer’s, it upset her, I think. At that time, the two sisters had also planned to see each other to try to bury the hatchet definitively. Since then, Catherine and Françoise Laborde have reconciled.

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