Cathleen Rouleau gave up humor: Here’s why

Cathleen Rouleau studied at the National School of Humor from 2004 to 2006, then she participated a lot in the galas of the Grand Rire festival, in Quebec (became the ComediHa! Fest in 2015).

Nine years ago, she started dating Sylvain Parent-Bédard, producer and instigator of the event. It is thanks to the festival that she therefore crossed paths with the man of her life…

But, strangely, everything stopped with Sylvain! “, whistles Cathleen Rouleau, in an interview with

It is that from the moment she shared the life of the great manitou of ComediHa, the comedian has not really redone comedy galas in this context. And she gradually moved away from the scene. ” until you stop completely “, she specifies.

But I started doing other things at other levels, and that’s okay. I never ran out of bread on the table “, argues the artist, listing some of the projects that have piled up on his resume in the last decade: Cliptoman with Mike Ward at MusiquePlus, A guy in the evening with Jean-François Mercier at V, Sweety salty, LOL, VRAK life

I’ve done a lot of little things left and right, a lot of TV reviews and I’ve published books “, notes the pen of the series of children’s books The Untraceable and Zamong others.

The boards, Cathleen Rouleau does not say that she will never return to them. ” I like to make people laugh, being on stage is my life. But I also love to play so much! »

About Anthony got him hooked on TV writing and acting. Already, she is working on a second season of her already popular dramatic comedy for Club illico. She continues to refine her concept True Love, a non-verbal series about a couple in love, but excessively awkward. Another fiction, on which she keeps the secret, also rests in her boxes.

However, for its future TV offerings as for About AnthonyCathleen Rouleau poses a sine qua non condition:

I want to write and act in it! »

Cathleen Rouleau was talking to us here of his family composed in particular, for 9 years, of two stepsons and a granddaughter. She was opening here on his hesitation to include his son-in-law Antoine, with multiple disabilities, in his project.

A particular element of the series About Anthony was redesigned for television plot purposes. See which one here.