Cathy Guetta is 55: Secrets of an it-woman

Cathy Guetta celebrates her 55th birthday on March 27. But what do you know of David Guetta’s ex-wife? Her love at first sight with the DJ, her difficult relationship with her in-laws, her “traumatic shock”, her new life in London… Discover the secrets of the influential businesswoman.

Cathy Guetta celebrates her 55th birthday this Sunday, March 27, 2022. If it is thanks to her famous ex-husband, David Guetta, that the businesswoman became known, she continues on her way by herself and continues to exercise a role of influence in the world of the night. . But do you know the course and the secrets of the 50-year-old adventurer?

– Cathy Guetta was born on March 27, 1967 in Dakar, of one military father of Cameroonian origina sailor in the French Navy, and a Alsatian mother. She has two brothers.

– At school, Cathy Guetta is hardly one of the brilliant students and fails the BEP. Later, she does a multitude of odd jobs.

– His brother Chris introduces him to the discos and the world of the night. A universe for which she has a real crush.

– It is therefore logical that she begins to work in locker rooms at La Scala nightclubthen at the bar and as a waitress for the VIP area.

– It was during an evening in the Bal nightclub in Saint-Tropez that she meets David Guetta’s gaze for the first time. She learns that he is a French DJ. Him, only has eyes for heras he explains in Frédérick Rapilly’s book, David Guetta: No limit: “The first time I entered the Ball, I only saw her“.

– Quickly, Cathy and David Guetta begin a romance. Together, they move to Paris, first with the DJ’s father. But the atmosphere is not there. “My future in-laws viewed our relationship as a vacation romance.she told Paris Match. But the lovers do not care and continue their relationship.

– They decide despite everything to take their independence as a couple, the cohabitation with the father of David Guetta having become difficult. “In Saint-Tropez, where we worked for the season, we were downright homeless. We slept with a friend, then another. And we were happythey remembered in Paris Match.

David and Cathy Guetta married according to the Protestant rite in 1992. The ceremony counts no less than 800 people.

– If the lovers are not rolling in gold at the time, they manage to organize a grandiose wedding, by being lent a Deligny swimming pool, funfair accessories provided by Marcel Campion in person, as well as the Rolls-Royce of a client from Les Bains, where they both worked at the time.

– In 1999, Cathy Guetta takes his first steps in the cinema with a small role in Quasimodo from El Paris by Patrick Timsit.

– The DJ’s wife becomes the mother of Tim Elvis, 17 years oldand Angela, 13 years old. “I had them late, and I wanted to be there for them, like my mother had been for me.“, she explained to Gala.

– Despite all their good will, the famous spouses fail to maintain their wedding afloat and divorce in 2014, after more than twenty years of marriage. “I experienced a almost traumatic shock when our story has ended, told Gala the ex-wife of the DJ. Despite everything, the former life partners remain on good terms.

– She decides to moving to London with her childrencontinues her activities as a clubber and launches her line of beauty products Cathy Guetta by SeeMyCosmetics.

– Years after their separation, Cathy Guetta keep the DJ’s last name. The reason? “Because I have been married to David for twenty-two yearsand that somewhere it was a name that has become a brand. We created this brand together, it was natural for both of us that I keep this name“, she explained to Purepeople.