Cathy Hummels: About son Ludwig in public

Cathy Hummels (34) and her son Ludwig (4) are one heart and soul. The proud mom keeps sharing cute snaps of the two. But the 34-year-old makes sure that her offspring’s face can never be seen clearly on the Instagram pictures. In an exclusive interview with, the “Battle of the Reality Stars” presenter speaks openly about her attitude towards it in the future. Could we see Ludwig at some point without pixelation?

Find out the answer in the exclusive interview with Cathy Hummels, which you can watch in the video above!

Cathy Hummels fights against body shaming alongside Sophia Thiel

Influencers are constantly exposed to body shaming on social media. Cathy Hummels (34) and Sophia Thiel (27) in particular know this very well. On Instagram, the two sometimes read negative comments about their figure every day. Now the two women are fighting together against hate on the internet. Under a photo of the two, Cathy Hummels writes: “Two women who are struggling with the same prejudices. One is too ‘much’, the other is too ‘little’, to put it nicely. Hostilities in relation to our bodies we know them both too well.” With the project, the two women want to set an example that young girls stand by themselves and their bodies.