Cathy Hummels appalled by Boris Becker’s early release from prison

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Cathy Hummels shares in her new podcast against Boris Becker. In her opinion, the tennis star convicted of tax evasion should have served his sentence in full.

Dubai – Cathy Hummels (34) has gone under the podcaster. Together with comedian Matze Knop (48), she discusses what she thinks are important current topics in “sHitstorms”. In the first episode, the moderator proves that she doesn’t mince words and hands out properly to ex-prisoner Boris Becker (55).

Boris Becker released early from prison

The Wimbledon winner was sentenced to two and a half years in prison in January 2022 for tax evasion. But after just under eight months in a London prison, Boris Becker was released a few days ago, returned to Germany and, in an exclusive interview with Sat.1, gave intimate insights into his time behind Swedish curtains.

Cathy Hummels appalled by Boris Becker’s early release from prison
Cathy Hummels thinks Boris Becker should not have been released early © IMAGO / Sven Simon & Sat.1

As expected, the interview with Steven Gätjen brought Boris Becker’s self-proclaimed archenemy Oliver Pocher (44) onto the scene. He really finished the former tennis star in his podcast. But the new podcaster Cathy Hummels also has a lot to say about Becker.

Cathy Hummels hands out against Boris Becker

She fears the tennis legend has received special treatment because of her fame. “I don’t like it at all when you’re treated with kid gloves just because you’re famous or well-known. Because what he did is a crime. That’s why it’s justified that he has to serve it out.”

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But that’s not all. “He cheated, cheated and fooled a lot of people and that’s just not right!” Boris Becker ruined people, says Cathy Hummels in a rage. “You have to sit down! […] Why is he coming out earlier now?” the ex-wife of soccer world champion Mats Hummels wants to know.

After the divorce from ex-husband Mats, Cathy Hummels is now taking a break and has left Germany. Sources used: “sHitstorms” (Spotify, episode of 12/24/2022)