Cathy Hummels appalled by Boris Becker’s release: “He fooled people”

After 231 days in prison, Boris Becker was released in mid-December. Cathy Hummels has no understanding of this, as she now reveals.

Matze Knop and Cathy Hummels have a new podcast. Shortly before the turn of the year, the comedian and the presenter released the first episode of “Shitstorms” – and look back on 2022 together. One of the most important events of the year: the imprisonment and release of Boris Becker. A topic on which Cathy Hummels in particular gets angry.

“He cheated, cheated and fooled a lot of people”

“To be honest, I don’t like it at all when you’re treated with kid gloves just because you’re famous or well-known,” said the ex-wife of international Mats Hummels. “It’s a crime what he did. That’s why it’s justified that he has to serve it.”

In April, Boris Becker was sentenced to two and a half years in prison by a London court for delaying bankruptcy. “He cheated, cheated and fooled a lot of people,” continued the 34-year-old. “It’s just not right. Then you have to go to jail – just like anyone else if he did it.”

“Why is he coming out earlier now?”

After 231 days behind bars, the athlete was released from prison in mid-December and deported to Germany. She cannot understand why Boris Becker is already free again. “Why is it coming out earlier now?” Asks the moderator. “He fooled people, he ruined them. You have to sit through that. I’m super serious about that.” Matze Knop, on the other hand, held back on this topic, leaving Cathy Hummels to do the talking.

Five days back in freedom, Boris Becker gave an emotional interview to Sat.1. In an interview with moderator Steven Gätjen, he reported on his time in prison, who stood by him, how his family supported him and what his plans for the future look like.