Cathy Hummels appears after Boris Becker arm in arm with his ex Lilly

Cathy Hummel’s criticism of Boris Becker’s early dismissal was followed by a criminal complaint. Now she shows herself arm in arm with his ex Lilly in Dubai.

While Cathy Hummels (34) and son Ludwig (4) already spent Christmas in Dubai, Papa Mats Hummels (34) has now traveled to celebrate New Year’s Eve with the two. This also gives the influencer and moderator the time she needs to switch off herself. And that works best with a friend – in this case Boris Becker’s (55) ex: Lilly Becker (46). The message of the two “Dubai Girls”, as they call themselves, is clear: We enjoy the time – even without husbands.

After Cathy Hummel’s “Shitstorms” podcast: Boris Becker files a criminal complaint

In the case of Cathy Hummels, this “return coach” in the direction of Boris Becker is very convenient for her: According to information from “Bild”, he has just filed a criminal complaint against her. The background is the statements in her annual review “Shitstorms”, which she made together with comedian Matze Knop (48). In it, Mats Hummels’ ex-wife railed against the tennis legend’s early release from prison and alleged preferential treatment because of his VIP status.

Boris Becker was deported to Germany after eight months in prison in England and shortly afterwards gave his first exclusive interview to the Sat.1 station.

What exactly Cathy Hummels said in her podcast about Boris Becker, that he immediately filed a criminal complaint, you can find out in the video!

“My dear Lilly”: Cathy Hummels and Lilly Becker are friends

Cathy Hummels does not seem to be impressed, at least the pictures and clips of her and Lilly Becker show that she is having a great time in Dubai. In an Instagram story, Cathy Strand posts impressions and writes: “Look who I just met here, my dear Lilly.” In a video post, the two women then show themselves hand in hand on the beach. Her comment: “We’re having fun – as always. No words or songs are needed here,” followed by the hashtags #friends and #lionmamas.

Followers bemoan the women’s duo Cathy Hummels and Lilly Becker

While some followers welcome women’s power and greet them with comments like “So cute you two” and “There two have found each other”, others are rather indignant. One user writes: “The two ladies have probably forgotten who they owe their fame to. You should also be grateful and not always ask for attention with often dubious statements.” Another refers directly to the criminal complaint and does not wish Cathy Hummels a good outcome in the possible legal dispute: “You speak badly about Boris Becker – I hope you will be sentenced in Munich if the criminal complaint is filed against you.”

Unresolved entertainment payments: Boris Becker will soon have to go back to court

It remains to be seen whether it will come to that. But one thing is already clear: the women are both not good to talk to Boris Becker. Because even his wife Lilly will soon have another court date with Boris: It’s about money. The couple, who separated in 2018 and have their son Amadeus (12), are still not divorced – the reason for this is said to be unresolved maintenance payments.

After criticism: Boris Becker is now reporting them

What exactly Cathy Hummels said in her podcast about Boris Becker, that he immediately filed a criminal complaint, you can find out in the video!
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