Cathy Hummels delights her fans with a revealing Instagram photo

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Cathy Hummels delights her fans with a revealing Instagram photo
Cathy Hummels warms up her fans with a revealing photo © Lino Mirgeler/dpa

She shows a lot of skin: Cathy Hummels delights her fans with a revealing Instagram photo. Her followers responded positively to the hot post.

Thailand – Cathy Hummels (33) is best known to her fans as a moderator and influencer. Originally from Dachau, the TV personality tied the knot with her husband, professional soccer player Mats Hummels (33), in 2015. The couple are raising son Ludwig together, who recently celebrated his fourth birthday. Via her social media platform on Instagram, the celebrity regularly lets her followers participate in her everyday family life and her career and has now shared a hot post from her trip to Thailand.

The beauty managed to heat up her followers in cold Germany with the revealing snapshot from sunny Thailand. In the photo, she casually poses leaning against a palm tree in a white bathrobe, under which she appears to be wearing only skin-colored underwear. The Love Island host captioned her stunning post: “Morning – Wanted to heat up your Sunday with this snapeeshot again. I heard it’s pretty cold in Germany…”

Cathy Hummels warmed up her followers with the photo

The celebrity’s snapshot was well received by their followers, who mostly expressed positive opinions about the photo. She was able to heat up one of her fans with her photo, as he wrote: “You are beautiful and hot.” And enthusiastic voices can also be heard in numerous other comments on the picture in which the TV personality shows a lot of skin. Another of her followers raved that it was forbidden to be as attractive as she was and commented: “Hammer, it’s forbidden to be so hot.” So it seems as if the presenter’s summery Instagram picture to her fans could really sweeten the cold January in Germany!