Cathy Hummels drops all covers

”Right now I’m alone, not lonely” – Cathy Hummels is clearly enjoying her single life and showing her fans on Instagram what she has to offer.

It has been official since the end of 2022: Cathy and Mats Hummels are divorced, the presenter and the soccer star from Borussia Dortmund are finally going their separate ways. In the meantime, the presenter seems to appreciate the advantages of her single existence: “When you’re alone, you’re alone and can do whatever you like. Just be,” writes the 34-year-old on Instagram.

“When you’re lonely, it’s sad. Right now I’m alone, not lonely, not married, single and doing what I want,” explains Cathy, showing how God created her, completely naked at the edge of a swimming pool.

Encouragement and criticism on nude image

Reactions to the post are mixed. Although Cathy reaps celebrity encouragement from actress Simone Thomalla (“Better alone than lonely together”) or Lilly Becker (“Super”). But there is also hearty criticism: “These texts under the pictures could also come from a teenager … It definitely sounds like a person who has never seriously dealt with deeper topics before,” writes one account.

Another user asks: “Do you have to make everything public? Just take a break and find yourself .. completely PRIVATE.” There is also criticism of her freedom of movement with regard to her son Ludwig (4).

A user even advises Cathy to take an Insta break: “Just put the cell phone away for a few days Cathy… and just live a normal life might be better that way… than just getting deeper into social media sink in and give people advice..”

Did Cathy help out with Photoshop?

In addition, it is assumed in the comments that the nude picture has been edited – in fact, suspicious deformations can be seen on the edge of the pool and on Cathy’s forearms. It is questionable whether only the movements of the water are the cause …