Cathy Hummels: For the first time she is completely naked

Cathy Hummels (34) and her ex-husband, soccer star Mats Hummels (34), have put an end to speculation. Rumors circulated for a long time about the state of their marriage, in December 2022 the former dream couple, who have a son Ludwig (4), divorced.

No trace of the War of the Roses or the mudslinging. Cathy Hummels had already spent Christmas with her son in Dubai, Papa Mats came later. “Divorce doesn’t have to be an end,” wrote the 34-year-old.

Divorce can also be a start. The starting signal for something completely new. When love dies, many women wish for a fresh start. New hair, new clothes, new friends, new love. Cathy Hummels also dares to take a completely new step: for the first time she shows herself completely without a cover on Instagram.

Cathy Hummels shows herself stark naked at the edge of the pool

“When you’re alone, you’re alone and can do what you like. Just be. When you’re lonely, it’s sad. Right now I’m alone, not lonely, not married, single and doing what I want,” she comments on the picture.

There are already first reactions from celebrity women: Lilly Becker thinks the photo is “super”, Simone Thomalla comments: “Better alone … than lonely together.”