Cathy Hummels puts onions in her ears

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Cathy Hummels puts onions in her ears
Cathy Hummels fought her earache with an old home remedy (photomontage) © Screenshot/Instagram/Cathy Hummels

She suffered from severe earache: Cathy Hummels used onions to relieve her symptoms. The influencer revealed that the home remedy helped her very well.

Munich – Severe earache! Cathy Hummels (34) announced that she had hit it hard and was struggling with a cold, including extreme ear pain. The mother of son Ludwig (4) has now revealed to her followers in several Instagram stories what she did to get well again and to relieve her extreme pain.

On her social media platform on Instagram, the “Battle of the Reality Stars” presenter has now shared video clips with her fans in which she explained that she could hardly sleep due to severe ear pain. Despite her ailing health, she revealed to her community: “I had a really horrible night tonight. And I had the earache of my life.” She went on to announce that her cold was unmissable. “And I think you hear it too. I caught a bit of a cold,” emphasized the wife of professional soccer player Mats Hummels (33).

Cathy Hummels suffered from severe ear pain

The beautiful influencer also revealed that she turned to the home remedy of a cooked onion to combat the extreme pain in her ears. She announced: “Best home remedy: Boiled onion. So I just put it in my ear.” The star used the proven home remedy that she put in her ear because onions can have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and decongestant effects. We wish the celebrity a speedy recovery – thanks to the onion, she will certainly get better soon!