Cathy Hummels reported by Boris Becker – that’s behind it

Cathy Hummels burned herself on her sharp tongue. After reading about ex-prisoner Boris Becker in her new podcast, she suddenly received a letter from the police. It comes from the former tennis pro himself.

Since his return to Germany, Boris Becker doesn’t seem to hesitate. He no longer wants to make a laughing stock of himself. However, the drastic action of the exceptional talent is likely to irritate some people – especially Cathy Hummels.

Boris Becker files a complaint against Cathy Hummels

The scandal surrounding Boris Becker’s two-and-a-half-year prison sentence has caused a stir across Germany. The 55-year-old was convicted on April 29 for embezzling millions of dollars in bankruptcy proceedings. A found food for every critic of the athlete. In particular, his eternal opponent Oliver Pocher never misses an opportunity to expose Boris Becker, even parodying him for a commercial.

When Cathy Hummels also shoots at him, the three-time Wimbledon winner’s collar bursts. As “Bild am Sonntag” found out, Boris is said to have filed a criminal complaint against the moderator with the Munich public prosecutor’s office. When asked by the newspaper, Becker did not want to comment on the incident, but it can be assumed that it was defamation in public.

Cathy Hummels denounces Becker’s release: “It’s a crime”

But what did Cathy Hummels do to the ex-tennis professional? In her new “Shitstorms” podcast, which the influencer presents together with comedian Matze Knop, the 34-year-old does not leave Becker a good hair. When it comes to his being released from prison after just a few months, Cathy doesn’t hide her opinion.

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“I don’t like it at all when people treat you with kid gloves just because you’re famous. It’s a crime what he did, and that’s why it’s justified that he has to serve it out. He scammed, cheated and fooled a lot of people and that’s just not right. Then you have to go to prison like everyone else, if he did it,” says Mats Hummels’ ex-wife. Clear statements that Cathy Hummels can now cost dearly.