Cathy Hummels shares intimate family photo with Mats

Cathy Hummels has been fighting separation rumors for a long time. Especially recently she has been posting pictures of herself and her husband Mats Hummels. A new family photo shows the couple again very intimately.

Photo series with 17 pictures

In 2021, rumors surfaced that Cathy and Mats Hummels had split up. Neither addressed these speculations. It wasn’t the first time the two’s relationship had been rumored either. The presenter continued to post content from the areas of work, private life and fashion. The professional soccer player continued to kick hard for Borussia Dortmund and the couple showed up together on the net again and again. Now Cathy shares a new picture of herself and her two husbands: Mats and son Ludwig.

“Nice that you’re here”

Cathy Hummels takes the selfie and beams into the cell phone camera. Mats also looks in the direction of the lens with a casual grin. Their son Ludwig is with his parents. His face is pixelated but he seems to be having fun. Because: The three are obviously in his children’s room. The toys in the background suggest that.

With this selfie, Cathy wants to send a positive message to her more than 660,000 followers. “Everyone is their own luck blacksmith,” she writes under the Instagram post. “In the end, happiness is what you make of it. It’s what you make of it. Glad you’re here.”

Fans excited: “How happy the little man is”

Does she mean her husband with the last sentence? After all, the couple has a long-distance relationship between Dortmund, where Mats works, and Munich, where Cathy and Ludwig live. She garnished the text with the hashtag “Familysupport”:

Under the post, many users are happy about the happiness of the Hummels. “You are a great team,” typed a follower enthusiastically. “Lovely couple and lovely family,” says another. And another fan is happy: “How happy the little man is, my heart opens.”