Cathy Hummels: She shares a cuddly picture with Mats and Ludwig

There has been speculation about the relationship status of Cathy (34) and Mats Hummels (33) for months. Earlier this year, an insider claimed they are still separated and are only together for son Ludwig, 4. The two have never officially confirmed this.

On the contrary: the “Battle of the Reality Stars” presenter keeps posting pictures of her everyday family life with Mats and his son “Ludi”. She shows that she doesn’t care about the rumors at all. The influencer has again shared a private moment from the life of the trio on Instagram and has shown how harmonious things are in the Hummel house.

We show you the sugar-sweet cuddle picture of the three in the video.

Cathy Hummels: Here she shows us Ludwig’s face uncensored

Of course, family photos are the best – but most of the time Cathy seems to be out and about alone with her Ludi. The fact that mom and son have a lot of fun together as a couple is clear from the pictures that Cathy posts on Instagram. Ludwig’s face is usually not so clear: the influencer completely censors it in the photos – at least almost always.

Cathy recently shared a slightly older photo of her son’s husband, showing his face completely uncensored. And one thing is clear: the little one definitely takes after his dad!