Cathy Hummel’s son is totally irritated ABOUT IT: “Super funny”

Cathy Hummels shows son Ludwig DAS for the first time: “Super funny”

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03/21/2022 at 10:35 p.m

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Ann-Kathrin Götze, Cathy Hummels and Co.: These are the 10 best-known women players in Germany

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Cathy Hummels and her son Ludwig are of one heart and soul.

Shows on Instagram Cathy Hummels on Saturday afternoon (March 19) how she cooks him a special Munich dish. But Ludwig doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about it.

Cathy Hummels: Her son Ludwig finds THAT totally strange

The young mother is absolutely thrilled and shows her son the connected white sausages. The four-year-old is totally irritated and asks: “What’s that?” And as a true Bavarian, of course, you have to know that.

The moderator laughs and asks: “How cool is that?” Little Ludwig doesn’t really know how to answer that. He’s probably never seen anything like this: “Um! Super funny,” he replies to his mum, irritated.


That is Cathy Hummels:

  • Catherine Fischer was born on January 31, 1988 in Dachau
  • During her high school graduation in 2007, she met footballer Mats Hummels
  • When he moved from FC Bayern to BVB in Dortmund, Cathy went with him
  • She studied economics at the TU Dortmund
  • On June 15, 2015, Cathy and Mats Hummels married
  • The couple have a son together named Ludwig, who was born on January 11, 2018


For the first time there is white sausage for son Ludwig – but Cathy Hummels teaches him wrong

But Cathy is totally euphoric and tells her fans in the next sequence of her Instagram story that she is making white sausages for her offspring for the very first time – or as a real Munich resident would say: white sausage.

It is funny, however, that the wife of BVB star Mats Hummels peels the white sausage. Normally the sausage is pulled out of its skin. Fact on the side: That means you simply suck the sausage out of the skin. At least there are pretzels and of course sweet mustard should not be missing.


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Four-year-old Ludwig has to try the white sausage first. If he likes it, he can then learn in peace how to seal the sausage as a “gscheider Munich”. His grandpa and dad can surely teach him.

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